Join the action


Join the action

There are several ways to take part in «Returning the Names action».

Join the event in your city or town

Find your city in the Cities 2023 section and join the action at the time specified. We are doing our best to publish the most accurate information about the date, time and venue for each city but we still advise you to subscribe to the page of your event on social media for last minute updates (if any). You can also contact the organizers directly. You will find their contacts in the same section.

Organize the event in your city or town

If your city is not on the list, you can organize a Returning the Names reading yourself. It doesn’t have to be a huge event: a few people reading out the names of victims of political persecutions at a place associated with the history of terror or resistance is exactly about Returning the Names. Go to the Become an organizer section for detailed instructions and tips on preparing names cards, filming and more.

Record the video and post it on social media

If you don’t have time to record the reading in advance, can’t go live, prefer a different format of filming, or just want to only publish the clip on your page, it’s all fine. Share your post with us by using the hashtag #returningthenames and tagging Memorial’s account. You can find links to all our social media in the website’s header. We will see your postings and would be happy to repost them on October 29.

Support the campaign by making a donation

We understand that not everyone is ready to take part in public actions and we appreciate any support you may offer. You can also make a donation to support the campaign. It is still safe to donate to Memorial even if you are in Russia. There are also options for non-Russian contributions: please go to for more details.

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